Should I play The Majestic in Detroit?

This is exciting news. I have just been asked if I’d like to play at The Majestic, Detroit’s premier live music venue. They are having a bad sweater party on Dec 17th and thought of me … 🙂

So of course I have said I’m up for it, let’s see what happens!

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Pass the port

Yesterday I received an email from someone called Gail offering to bring something for a “do” we’re having this weekend. But I don’t know Gail, and we’re not having a do.

So I accepted her kind offer and she’ll be bringing a bottle of port and some cheese for our new cheeseboard, I hope it goes down well!

@@@ Update @@@

I relented, and let Gail know. Hope she still takes the port though!!

Shows the conversation

@@@ Another update @@@

An update. So after I came clean to Gail, I had a nice surprise later to find out that they went with the idea of the port & cheese after all. And to prove it, Gail emailed over the photo below, along with a note to say the suggestion went down very well!

Despite the rather cheeky file name of “The real John Duffy” (that’s me, right?), I thought I should show the photo. Thanks Gail!!


Looks like John had a good weekend!

Can't quite make out which port, but I'n sure it was a lovely bottle


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Feeling sorry for Audi of Greenwich

Someone at Audi of Greenwich is going to get roasted, at least until they read the explanation at the end of the satisfaction survey. Which I have just completed, giving reasonably terrible scores.

Don’t worry, I explained that I’m not their real John C Duffy at the end of the survey.

But what’s worrying is that I do have the name, address and phone number of the John C Duffy who gave what he thought was a false email address, but it turned out to be mine. Big house, almost namesake is doing well! I thought I might even spot the car that he just had serviced, but that would be too spooky.

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Can you do me a favour – if you know a John C Duffy of Purchase, NY, please tell him to contact Audi and have them correct his email address.


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Foul play in the world of signage

Fellow John Duffy, do not pay over the odds for the signage for your poultry farm and associated farm shop. The POP Company in Dublin may well produce quality signage, but you can do better than 10,000 Euro + 21% VAT, can’t you? That’s a lot of eggs you need to shift!

If you are getting 3 quotes, I look forward to receiving the other 2, and will let you know how they compare in due course.

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