Pass the port

Yesterday I received an email from someone called Gail offering to bring something for a “do” we’re having this weekend. But I don’t know Gail, and we’re not having a do.

So I accepted her kind offer and she’ll be bringing a bottle of port and some cheese for our new cheeseboard, I hope it goes down well!

@@@ Update @@@

I relented, and let Gail know. Hope she still takes the port though!!

Shows the conversation

@@@ Another update @@@

An update. So after I came clean to Gail, I had a nice surprise later to find out that they went with the idea of the port & cheese after all. And to prove it, Gail emailed over the photo below, along with a note to say the suggestion went down very well!

Despite the rather cheeky file name of “The real John Duffy” (that’s me, right?), I thought I should show the photo. Thanks Gail!!


Looks like John had a good weekend!

Can't quite make out which port, but I'n sure it was a lovely bottle


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