I’m John Duffy, but probably not the John Duffy you meant to email. What with John Duffy being a common name, and me having a Googlemail account, I often get emails meant for someone else.

In the last few weeks I have received a receipt, address and credit card information for something another John Duffy bought (I let him know – he didn’t care), a notice about a death & the subsequent funeral, minutes from a major political party and a quotation for a sign on “my” poultry farm.

So I may well publish a few of the odder errant missives here. I’ll try to be tactful (the funeral wouldn’t make the cut), and I’ll definitely try to stay legal (so no credit card details). Oh, and I’ll also try to be entertaining.

Whoever said “Duffy, there’s no such word as try, you either do or you don’t!”, I think you’ll find there is …


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